Tuvan Khӧӧmei School 2019

We offer you a unique opportunity to learn, practice and enjoy the sounds of the ancient nomad art of  Khӧӧmei in the heart of Central Asia. Surrounded by pure Tuvan nature, you will be plunged in the atmosphere of nomadic culture, learn new skills and make unforgettable memories. 


Each programme offers you a 4 day stay in a yurt camp amidst picturesque mountains of Tuva. During your stay with us, you will participate in the Khӧӧmei sessions with one of the best masters of Throat singing of Tuva, the Groups Alash and Chirgilchin or with a Hereditary Shaman Nicolai Oorzhak who uses throat singing in his shamanic practice. 


In addition to that, you will experience the taste of authentic Tuvan cuisine, meet Tuvan nomads, ride horses, enjoy jam sessions in the evenings and much more.



We offer you a number of different programmes this summer. All you need to do is to choose the one that suits your time and interests best.


As a great addition to the Tuvan Khӧӧmei School, we offer you to extend your adventure and visit one of the major cultural events in Tuva with us: nomad festival Naadym or International Festival Khöömei in the Center of Asia

Alash Ensemble


a trio of master throat-singers who remain grounded in traditional Khoomei while expanding its musical vocabulary with new ideas from the West. 


the members of Chirgilchin are amongst the best and most accomplished throat singers in Tuva having performed on the top stages around the world. Chirgilchin, meaning "dance of the air in the heat of the day" or "miracle" in Tuvan, is one of the champions in the world ethnomusic, winners of the numerous top music awards in international competitions and festivals.

Nicolai Oorzhak

a hereditary Tuvan Shaman who uses throat singing in his shamanic practice, revealing the secrets of spiritual healing.