Our Programmes

We designed our programmes so you could learn about the art of Khӧӧmei in authentic nomad environment.


You will spend 4 days in the yurt camp together with your chosen teachers, the world famous throat singers, winners of the top world music awards, champions in the nomad art.


During your stay in the yurt camp, you will receive an extensive 18 hours Khӧӧmei course with your chosen teachers, 3 hours of jam sessions,  you will practice and show your skills in a fun environment.

All programmes include authentic food workshops, meals, horse riding, learning about Tuvan nomad lifestyle, learning about musical instruments and more.

You can expand your learning experience by adding a visit to one of the cultural events of Tuva this summer: International Festival Khӧӧmei in the Centre of Asia or Nomad Festival Naadym.

All programmes run on different dates to suit your interests and time.